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Kindergarten through Grade 6.

Join the Legacy!

Ask us how we're different from the rest.


If you have questions about enrollment, please email or call 612-302-3410. 


The Legacy of Dr. Josie R. Johnson Montessori School (LJJM) is a Preschool-6 public charter school in North Minneapolis with a mission to provide an excellent, equitable Montessori education to an intentionally diverse student body, with the promising vision of co-leaders Tonicia and Jamal Abdur Salaam, educational social justice leaders and anti-racist warriors.

A Family at The Core of Education

At JJ Legacy, we believe all children can be at the center of that important development, by finding their cultural and racial identity in education along with their purpose in the learning environment.

Staff Reflect Students

We lead children in igniting curiosity and student-led learning to pursue equity and excellence, including experiences of teachers and administrators that look like them. 

Changing  the Narrative

Our school's powerful pedagogy offers a full educational experience that honors the whole child in order to combat white supremacy in education.

Culturally Responsive

We incorporate pedagogy that embraces the needs and the brilliance of all students, specifically Students of Color.

Environmental Literacy

We have curriculum focused on environmental justice and decolonization that pushes our curriculum past traditional context.

(612) 302-3410

2201 Girard Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55411

Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM     

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