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Join the Community Forum

Stay up to date and engage with other JJ Legacy Families and Supporters in the community form. The groups are made for current families to participate in dialogue, view archived notifications, and have access to a space that is specific to your scholar(s). Join the Forum in three quick steps!

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Community Committees

The family committees are groups that meet on a monthly or quarterly basis. Within the community forum, you will be able to join the e-group, access all the meeting details, and participate in the conversation. If you are interested in joining a committee please complete the interest form.

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Exceptional Scholar Committee (SEAC)

The district's Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is comprised of parents and staff who guide the development and delivery of services available to meet the needs of all students with disabilities who are eligible for and need special education and related services. This committee is led by Barb Marchetti, Director of Exceptional Scholars.

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Family & Community Engagement Committee

Family Engagement is a process and a practice rooted in relational trust, which creates opportunities for equitable partnerships between families and the school. This committee is led by Angie Martinez Deleon, the Director of Enrichment & Engagement and School Social Worker.

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Parent Student Teacher (PSTO)  Committee 

The Parent Student Teacher Organization meetings are an excellent way to stay on top of what’s happening at the school and to connect with other parents and school leaders. The focus is on enriching our community and supporting teachers and staff. Things that the PTO supports for teachers and staff include:

  • Funding professional training/conferences 

  • Snacks, meals, and team-building opportunities for teachers and staff 

  • Classroom-based projects and field trips 

  • Community-building events for the whole school 

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Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee initiatives support our school’s Annual Fund, which is part of our school’s comprehensive budget. It supports: 

  • School operations and capital improvements

  • Our intern program and international hiring  

  • Curriculum enhancement and intercultural engagement opportunities 

  • Professional development and diversity initiatives for staff

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Health & Wellness Committee

The focus for this group of individuals is to work on improving wellness policies and practices for the district and schools. Local school wellness policies play an important role in preventing and reducing childhood obesity. Policies provide assurances that school meals and other foods meet minimum federal nutrition guidelines, as well as increasing opportunities for students’ physical activity. Research shows that when children eat nutritious foods and are physically active, they have better academic outcomes such as:

  1. Fewer behavioral problems.

  2. Increased attendance.

  3. Higher grades and test scores.

  4. Increased graduation rates.

Staff Directory

Meet the Administration and Staff.

School Plans, Reports & Policies

Check out our published school documents.

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