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The values of our programs

Small scholar-to-staff ratio of 12:1

Student safety is a top priority

Understanding the scholar's cultural and racial identity within education

Image by Kiana Bosman

AGE REQUIREMENTS: 3-5 years old

Our free program offers part-time and full-time education is currently on a waitlist. 

Where children develop physical, social, and intellectual independence by following their interests, developing a love of learning, and trusting in their own abilities. 

Image by Santi Vedrí

A foundational approach with an intense focus on a learning community broadened to include leveraging Montessori pedagogy in collaboration with evidence-based practices, specifically, Dr. Wade Nobles' world-renowned research and pedagogy, Nsaka SunSum (Touching the Spirit). This powerful pedagogy offers a full educational experience that honors the whole child in order to combat white supremacy in education. 

Where students in K-6th grade learn and are inspired to be passionate, life-long learners, respectful of themselves and all others.

(612) 302-3410

2201 Girard Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55411

Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM     

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