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Enrollment and Admissions

JJ Legacy is a tuition-free public school. As a public Minnesota charter school, LJJM is open to all students in Minnesota and will not limit the admission of any student on the basis of disability, race, creed, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, athletic ability, intellectual aptitude achievement or any other classification protected by law. LJJM uses non-discriminatory processes and actively recruits a diverse student population from the communities being served.

Admission Procedure

Open Enrollment is on a rolling basis for admission for the following year. During Open Enrollment, children for whom a guardian submits a complete enrollment application will be admitted to the school, unless there are more enrollment applications than available seats for a specific grade level. 

Sibling Preference Policy 

JJ Legacy will give preference for enrollment during open enrollment to siblings of an enrolled student, including a foster sibling in the same household and children, provided there is space in the requested grade. If the number of siblings applying for a particular grade is greater than the number of available spaces, those names must be entered into a sibling lottery. After spaces are filled through the sibling lottery process, any remaining sibling names must still be drawn in order to establish the sibling waiting list for that grade. Siblings will have priority over children of employees and the general waiting list generated from the general lottery.


Children of Employees 

Children of employees who submit applications during the open enrollment period will be automatically admitted, provided there is room in that grade after siblings have been admitted. 

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